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The BarkMobile!

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We are currently limiting the number of new clients we are able to take at this time. We will not be taking on any new grooming or bath clients. 
You are welcome to complete the application process to be placed on a waiting list if you are a new potential client.  We hope to work with you soon!

Thank you for your understanding! 

BarkMobile NC Grooming

We come to you for safe pet care. 

The BarkMobile!

Welcome to the Bark Mobile, our modern solution to grooming. We operate a converted 2018 NV 2500 that has been completely outfitted with AC, hot water heater, fan/vent, carbon monoxide detector, electric grooming table, and dryer. Our generator runs outside of the vehicle for safety and comfort of our grooming friends.


Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Oak Creek Animal Company prides itself on giving quality products and services. We want to make your pet's visit the best it can be and are working everyday to improve our quality, safety, and care. 

With COVID-19, we are committed to protecting our clients to the best of our ability by using pet safe disinfectants, masks, and gloves to keep our human friends safe as well. If you have any concerns, please feel free ask about our policies during this time. 

Nails 'n More Service

Not all pets need a full grooming experience, let us take care of: 

  • Dog Nail Trimming

  • Cat Nail Trimming

  • Brushing

  • Blow-outs

  • Ear cleaning

  • Tooth brushing

  • and more.

Trimming your dogs nails, in particular if they are black can make many dog owners nervous. 

Schedule a quick 10-15 minute appointment.  We can meet you:

  • in your driveway,

  • in front of your home,

  • at the park,

  • at the office,

  • or wherever is best for your furry friend to tame their claws.

Full Service Grooming

Does your furry friend need a bath or haircut? ALL of our full service packages use all natural shampoo and other pet safe products  and include the following: 

Body Condition Assessment 

Oatmeal or Hypoallergenic Shampoo and Conditioner 

Nail Grinding (or clipping) 

Ear Cleaning 

Anal Gland expression (upon request) 

BATH: Pets will enjoy a bath using our Earthbath products with the above services plus a 15 minute brush out.  (Prices vary by breed) Recommended: every 4-6 weeks

Shed Happens


De-Shed Undercoat Treatment: Does your pet shed or have trapped undercoat? Let us wash, brush, and blow out that excess fur. We use a specialized de-shed shampoo and conditioner that we allow to soak into the coat and include more brushing, up to 45 minutes, to get your pet's coat silky and shiny.

Please note: This will not take away ALL shedding and will need to be maintained at home and every 4-6 weeks for maximum effectiveness.  

Grooming Services 

Need a tidy up? We work with you to customize the groom to your standards based on your pet's coat and lifestyle, your schedule, and how much maintenance you want to take on at home. 

TRIM: Light trimming on face, around feet, featherings, and/or sanitary area. (light body trimming will also count if under 15 minutes) 

GROOM: A customized hairstyle from noses to toes! We go as high as 1 inch in length and as short as a #10, but the rest is up to you! This package also includes 15 minutes of brushing/de-matting, but additional fees will be assessed for hand-scissoring over 15 minutes, excess matting, or bahavior issues. 

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About Us

Your mobile dog groomers!


Olivia Tuttle

Owner, Manager, Groomer, Dog Lover

Olivia has been working in the grooming industry for over a combined 4 years. She enjoying working with all kinds of dogs. Her passions include: her clients, rescue pets, kayaking, painting, and her own family of pets listed below.

About Us

Meet The Dogs








Hank here is also 14 years old and is committed to protecting the house. He enjoys: blankets, back scratches, and big beds.


In Memory:


"Snuggle coordinator"


We make dog grooming easy and stress-free for you and your pet.

We want to be your pet’s second best friend. Where they enjoy grooming.



Safety and Quality 

Care and Respect 

Humanity over Vanity 

Passion for Pet Care

A Love of Pets

We hope that YOU VALUE:

Care and Respect 


A Love of Pets

Dog Bath

Our Process

We Use Contact less payment!

Pawfinity is an all-in-one system for requesting, scheduling, and paying for your services.

Our Process

We will be accepting new clients very soon! The process is: 

1. Set up your client profile including: 
          -Personal and Pet Information 
          -Please be sure to include pet health and behavior conditions 
          - Sign the liability waiver 

2. Verify Your Email and go to to access your account 
          - Upload Pet's most current picture 
          -Upload IMAGE of Pet's veterinary records (Rabies required, bordetella recommended)
          -If you need a haircut: please upload any images of style 

          - Upload any payment information you would like to keep on file

3. A member of our team will review your information and contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment. To make sure we can schedule your appointment, please make sure all above information has been inputted. 


PLEASE NOTE: the above process is an application, we will do our very best to to honor the time and date you have requested, but we may ask you to shift that time slightly to keep our schedule running smoothly. We appreciate your understanding regarding this. 

This may seem like a lengthy process, but we are hoping to have a complete client profile before we arrive so that we can expedite the check-in and out process, and our liability waiver is good for 6 months, so please read over it carefully. We want to have the most information possible to make your experience the best it can be.

Discounts & Transportation

Transportation Fees: We do charge a $5 transportation/service fee for Nails N' More services and full service packages, but $10 for appointments beyond a 25 mile radius. However, this fee can be waived if group booking. Ask for details. 

Multi-Pet Discount: Nail 'N More Services for family of 3 pets or more will be given a discount per pet. This should be reflected in your price quote and when you schedule your appointment. However, please make sure that each pet has their own profile and appointment. 

We do offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and service dogs. Please let us know if one of these apply to you. 




Rachel S.

Apex, NC

I called the company having a puppy that has never been professionally groomed.  Olivia immediately made me feel at ease as she seemed to understand my concerns as a puppy owner with a dog that has never been groomed and is not too fond of people due to the current pandemic. She expressed that she could do a preliminary puppy cut as to not traumatize her for future grooming.  When she arrived, she took her time to make us feel comfortable and explain the options for cutting/grooming.  Olivia took all of our concerns and came back with a very cleaned up, great looking dog that seemed happy with her experience at the BarkMobile.   We will definitely be returning for our dog grooming services!


Anne-Marie L.

Morrisville, NC

Olivia and The BarkMobile are the BEST. She makes everything so convenient from scheduling/rescheduling appointments all online, text reminders, and an adorable "My Day on the BarkMobile" photo summary and evaluation that's sent after the appointment. Prices are so reasonable and The BarkMobile has all the comforts of home including climate control. Cannot say enough great things!!


Steve M.

Apex, NC

I had both of my dogs groomed and it was outstanding!  The had a bath, nail trim, and teeth cleaning.  Their coats were shinny and they were happy.  Both of them really enjoyed the experience.
I did not have to take time out of my day or the work I had scheduled.  The Bark Mobile van rolled up, started taking care of my dogs, and I continued with my Saturday lawn care.
I recommend Bark Mobile to anyone who needs an effective, timely and economical way to have their dogs groomed.
I will be rescheduling when my dogs need another grooming.

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Frequently asked Questions

Do you allow cats?

At the moment, we are only taking cats for nail and ear services, but we hope to expand to cat bath and de-shedding packages.

Will you accept pets that have had a shot in the last 24 hours or under sedation?

We prefer that your pet not have shots before the appointment, but if we are only performing quick services: nails, ears, etc. we will perform the services, but no shots or sedation for baths or haircuts for the safety of your pet.

Do you charge cancellation fees?

Cancellation: Over 24 hours or first offense- no charge, but if it occurs more than once or within 24 hours of your appointment,  we will charge a cancellation fee of $10 per family.

Contact Me

624 Holly Springs Rd. Suite 309 Holly Springs, NC 27540

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