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Operation: Puppy Prep!

Congratulations! You are ready to get a new best friend. This guide is for new or soon-to-be puppy parents looking to start off on the right PAW.

Pre-Puppy Checklist:


-Life Span

-Potential Health Conditions

-Grooming Requirements

-Energy Level

Make sure that your new best friend will fit your lifestyle and budget. Be prepared for all possible outcomes and knowing what you are getting into. The majority of dogs who are re-homed are given up because they dog was not what the owner was expecting.

Find Your Team: Vet, Groomer, Trainer, and Sitter

Find the pet care professionals you want to use before you get your pet so you can find the best fit before you need them. Ask questions, ask advice, and ask for pricing. Certain breeds of dogs will require more care than others (See RESEARCH) and knowing costs of treatment and care

is important when deciding if you can properly care for the puppy you want. They can give you insight and help you make an informed decision.

Already Have a Puppy?


Introduce your new puppy to as many new people and experiences as you can, safely. The more they are exposed to, the less potential behavior problems you will have.

Important Experiences

-Car Rides

-Visiting the Vet/ Groomer/ Trainer/ Sitter

-Home Visitors

-Bark Parks/ Other Dogs


-Other Animals

-Loud Noises


Don't wait until they are too big or have already developed unwanted behavior issues to begin training. Whether you hire a trainer or not, make sure your puppy knows how to behavior in these situations:


-Opening the door

-They escape! (Train them not to bolt)

-Meeting new people

-Potty Training

- Basic Obedience

-Proper eating habits

-"Leave It"

-Taking items away


Make sure you know the grooming requirements of your puppy and prepare accordingly. Buy grooming tools and be prepared to start regular grooming habits young. Puppy nails are VERY sharp and will more likely need to be maintained every few weeks.

Read: Puppy Grooming: Start Them Young for more information!

Adopt If Possible

While there are some responsible breeders, try to rescue a deserving puppy instead. . However, if you buy a puppy, choose a reputable breeder. Breeders are in the business of selling dogs; make sure you are shown the parents of the puppy, living conditions of the animals, and if possible tour the facility and pick up the puppy in-person. Puppy Mills still exist. Never buy a dog from a shop that cannot provide you with this basic information.

Whether you buy or rescue a puppy, they will love you unconditionally, but there are thousands of animals across the country who need loving homes. Make the right choice for you.

We Hope You Find Your New Best Friend,

Oak Creek Animal Co. Team

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