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Puppy Grooming: Start Young

Starting grooming at a young age for your puppy is a fundamental part of training and socialization. Many puppies will grow up and need be groomed for their entire lives, so it is vitally important that you give them and your groomer the best chance for success. Even if you have a dog that only needs a bath or nail trimming and don't plan on using services often, that is ok! Getting them groomed within the first 6 months will ensure that they will have been exposed to the sounds and sensations of grooming and will be more comfortable if you ever do need services.

Recommendation: Start Slow

If your puppy gets haircuts, start with a puppy trim. This is usually only around the eyes, feet, and sanitary area so they can stay fluffy and cute! Then after a couple rounds, they will be ready for their first all-over cut.

Recommendation: Begin at 10-12 Weeks

Most groomers will accept puppies as young as 8 weeks, but PLEASE make sure they have had at least one, if not, two rounds of their puppy shots for your puppy's safety. However, it is never too early to begin brushing at home!

Recommendation: Buy a Small Slicker Brush and Comb for home

Slicker brushes are recommended for longer coat puppies to help get through their fur and prevent matting, but they are NOT enough. Mats will frequently occur close to the skin so what feels soft and smooth may just be the top layer, leaving matting behind. Use a comb after using the slic

ker brush as a "mat detector" to ensure you are getting everything, every time.


Good- Paw Brothers

Best- Chris Christensen

Recommendation: Creat

e a Designated Grooming Area

To mimic similar conditions to the groomers, place your puppy on a table or flat surface so that they begin to realize it is grooming time. This will help train your puppy to stand for the groomer and make sure that your puppy knows the difference between play time and groom time. And of course, lots of rewards and treats for good behavior!

Puppy grooming isn't about perfection, but repetition and safety. Make their first few experiences positive and you will set up for less stress during grooming visits for the rest of their lives.

Thanks for reading and if you would like to know more about how to prepare for a puppy read: Operation: Puppy Prep.

Happy Grooming!

Oak Creek Animal Co. LLC

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